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Why Choose PeakCaller?

No Pin Dialing
Crystal Clear Quality
No Fees or Surcharges
No Contracts
Online Call History

How it works

Sign Up and Download PeakCaller from Apps/Play Store and you can make international calls from peak dialer through local access and Wi-fi or 3G.
No access to Wifi/3G/4G zone?You can Still make calls with PeakCaller through Local Access Numbers. Dial the destination number from PeakCaller and choose the call via Local Number option . It Works like a caling card but with no pins and lengthy processes.
Your telecom service provider may change you for calling the Local Number ,or may deduct your inclusive allowance in effect ,they may charge you local call rates.
While roaming, select your suitable Local access Number from Settings>Account Setting>Access Number.

Top Destination USD
Australia 0.020
Brazil 0.030
Cuba 0.790
Denmark 0.030
Egypt 0.080
France 0.010
Germany 0.040
India 0.020
New Zealand 0.050
Pakistan 0.070
Philippines 0.140
Russia 0.230
South Africa 0.060
Spain 0.030
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