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Privacy Policy

PeakCaller App is a product of Globellone Inc.


Globellone Inc (collectively "We", "Us", or "Globellone") is high sensitive to the confidential nature of information which User provides us over the Internet. Privacy practices at Globellone Inc is specially designed to enhance the User ability to use of personal, private information of the User whereas simultaneously offering you an prospect to acquire interesting and useful services, products and information. This Privacy Policy explains how Globellone Inc treats User information when User visits our website and register online with us. We highly recommend that User read our Privacy Statement very carefully. By using our website and submitting personal information about the User, the User approves for the collection and the use of this information by Globellone Inc, its associates and subsidiaries reliable with this Privacy Policy. Time to time Globellone Inc may change the Privacy Policy and User should always be aware of it. If Globellone Inc initiates to do so then, we would instantly post any notification of changes. By any chance, Globellone Inc is going to use User's personally identifiable information in a different manner acknowledged during the time of collecting the information, we will notify the Users by posting a notice on our Website for 30 days so that User would be aware of it. This Statement is only applicable to the online data collection from our web properties and does not apply for any other means of data collection.


User would be providing their personal information while registering for products or services of Globellone Inc. During the process, we may collect personally identifiable information such as name, phone number, address, email and similar other information. Demographic information such as zip code is asked from the User. If the User purchases our products or service, Globellone Inc will ask for financial information such as credit card or account numbers. Under any circumstance Globellone Inc doesn't collect information from children below the age of 13. Usage information is also collect from the User when User visits us. Website usage information doesn't come under personally identifiable information. It explains how Website is used and navigated, including the number of frequency of unique visitors to each Website page and the bounce rate of the visitors. Usage information of the Website also includes the domain names of the browsers and IP addresses that visit our website, date and time of visit on the website and other non- personally identifiable information. In our website there are forms which will facilitate our potential partners, distributors and Users to contact us to learn more about Globellone Inc products and services. The information which we collect on these forms is only to allow better business relationship with the User and not used in any other means. Browser cookies are used by Globellone Inc. It is used to improve your web experience. A cookie is simply a small identifier, which is similar to that of a license plate and has data which is sent via web server to a web browser which can be read by that server. Cookies are also used to target advertising and marketing offers to individual interests of the User and to keep away from showing duplicate ads frequently. In spite of all these cookies cannot be used to get information from your hard drive, your e-mail or any other personal data about the User. User may accept or decline any of our cookies. If User decides to decline a cookie, it may impact the overall performance of our Website. Clear GIFs are also made use by Globellone Inc which is small (1 pixel x 1 pixel) graphics included in some of our WebPages. They have similar function to that of cookies and often used in combination with cookies. They are usually made use to track the visitors online movement to and within our Website. Globellone Inc do not bind the information which is gathered by the clear GIFs to your personally identifiable information, apart from when they are placed in our HTML based e-mails. Clear GIFs when made use in HTML based e-mails, facilitate us to know if recipient has opened the mail or not.


Globellone Inc truly believes that knowing more about the User information will allow us to serve the User better. It allows us to personalize the services and content which we offer to User. It guides us to target our advertisements on our products and service to Users taste and interests. The demographic and information of Website usage helps us to enhance the products and services which we provide to the User. Among the many services which Globellone Inc offers, when the User registers for our products or services, is the notification regarding the new products and services which are available from the third party marketing partners. Totally based upon the information collected for the User, Globellone Inc provides notifications and offers which completely targeted to Users individual taste and preferences. Except for the case when the User opted-out from receiving the third party notifications and offers during registration, Globellone Inc reserve the right to share personal information of the User with the third parties and User may obtain e-mails with various administrative bodies. Per se, Globellone Inc may provide comprehensive statistics about the customer's traffic patterns and sales and not any of these statistics or reports will consist of personal information of the User. Nevertheless, Globellone Inc reserve the right to use personally identifiable information of the User to investigate and facilitate to avoid potentially illegal activity which may threatens either Globellone Inc or any company allied with Globellone Inc. In addition, when the appropriate request from the government agency, court, law enforcement if not asked by the law, Globellone Inc may reveal personally identifiable information of the User.


Globellone Inc makes use of trustworthy third parties to serve the advertisements which User sees on our website. To know more about the information gathering practices and 'opt-out' of procedures of our third party ad server please click here (CREATE A LINK HERE). User should make sure that they go through the third party ad servers' privacy policies as it would be entirely different procedures from what Globellone Inc offers. Also with the purpose of offering you our service with certain features, Globellone Inc provides some of the personal information of the User to others. This sharing/giving or information is provided under the strict terms of confidentiality agreement and the information of the User will not be sold, rented or shared with any other third parties without the permission of the User.


When a User Refer A Friend to our service, Globellone Inc will send an email to User's friend's email address with an invitation to try Globellone Inc.


When a company or a User signs up with Globellone Inc to be an affiliate, they do it through Linkshare. It shares personally identifiable information about the affiliate along with Globellone Inc. This information is only used internally to administer the relationships with the affiliates and are not shared, sold or rented to any third party.


With a User register's with Globellone Inc for its products and service, the User receives a welcome e-mail from Globellone Inc introducing to our offers in the products and service. If User do not wish to receive any future e-mails from Globellone Inc, simply follow the instructions which is found in the email to unsubscribe from receiving future emails from Globellone Inc.


We respect any emails send to from Users to make changes in their account information such as their name, address or billing information or for correcting information which are not correct. Globellone Inc will happily correct such information and Users can check their appropriate corrects which has been carried out. If User feels that their personally identifiable information is being mismanaged within the lights of this Privacy Policy, please notify Globellone Inc as soon as possible by email at so that we can take necessary actions immediately.


For the safety and security of all the transactions which are carried out at Globellone Inc, we take extra measures with most modern technologies. To avoid disclosure, ensure the proper use of information, unauthorized access, or uphold data accuracy Globellone Inc make use of safeguards to secure the information which are collected online. Encryption technology is used in Globellone Inc to guard the transfer of your credit card data to illicit parties. When such measures are carried out, it's safe and secure to do shopping online. To protect the User transaction information when User purchases Globellone Inc's products or services, we make use of finest standards to safeguard it.


Globellone Inc Website has several links to other websites and is not responsible for privacy practices or the content of such websites. Globellone Inc highly recommends that the User review the privacy policies of those websites before registering with them for any product or service from their website.


If you have any queries regarding or after reading our Privacy Policy or have concerns on any of the statement herein, Globellone Inc appreciate your feedback. Contact our Customer Service Department at

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