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About Us

A subsidiary of Globellone Inc, Peak Telecom, is partnered with some of the world's largest telecom operators and key technology partners to bring you the best quality in voice communication.

Peak Telecom has been persistent for over a decade and a half, in bringing the world closer through its Various telephony solutions. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Peak Telecom A/S is a global solution Provider In the telecommunications segment. Peak Telecom's has always been to provide customer centric and cost effective solutions in the area of international calling.

Since 2001, Peak Telecom has been offering telecom solutions worldwide. With calling card services that spanned across 60 countries, Peak Telecom has built loyalty across customers from different continents. This aspect has greatly helped to obtain a direct understanding of each continent's needs And wants . Thus Peak Telecom was able to create customized features and plans that cater to the end user's actual requirements.

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